Company Info

Company Info

1. Role

To make full use of the special human networks we possess at home and abroad through unique, closely detailed, and immediate activities.

  • ・to spread Japanese food culture and increase consumption of our products throughout the Asian region, starting with Japan and Malaysia.
  • ・to show the desire to contribute to companies that share our dreams and ambitions.

The following are the specific core activities of this business.

  • ・In particular, undertaking various activities to search for markets where promotions could lead to more consumption of products.
  • ・making proposals for selling (new type) products that are not bound to existing ideas.
  • ・Planning, design, production and sales via advertising materials, printed materials, etc.
  • ・Sincere responses to requests from partners, etc.

2. Code of Ethics

1)Fundamental Values

  • ・close communication and trust between partners is essential for fulfilling roles.
  • ・in both public and private spheres, it is better to eliminate self-interest and retain pure motives for behavior.

2)Further Details

  • ・Behavior criteria are judged on both a mid- and long-term basis focusing on “the Three Goods” (good for the buyer, good for the seller, good for the world)
  • ・It is vital to ensure that no disclosure or leak occurs of important information (especially important strategic matters such as pricing strategies, marketing strategies, sales promotion strategis, or other confidential corporate information) from our partners that has been acquired while conducting related business with third parties.
  • ・As much as is reasonably and mentally possible, we ensure all fairness and equality in our business.

3. Our Driving Principle

Countermeasures against the shrinking consumer market in Japan due to the country’s declining total population are a crucial urgent issue for any company or industry.

In order for a company to survive and maintain steady growth, it is necessary to expand business via strengthening marketing capabilities in the Japanese market, where competition for a slice of the economic pie is fierce.

●Strengthening sales promotion capabilities through the marketing mix and new product development

In an era when the market (i.e. consumers) is becoming more diverse, it is difficult to be sure what exactly will take off, so no company will survive unless it continues to develop and market new products.

●Development of new markets.

There are still untapped markets out there. Bridge Lab has been established as our company’s foray into overseas expansion.

We want this to be the bridge between Japan and the ASEAN countries

(合)Bridge Lab is founded on the belief that the world will welcome Japanese culture

  • ・positioning ASEAN countries as important bases for future business growth
  • ・projecting the Malaysian market as the central player in this growth

We are working hard to build bridges between the two markets through our strong human resources contacts with local companies in Malaysia (not Japanese companies!).

Through efforts to promote Japanese food culture, we strongly desire to create opportunities for more people to learn about the high quality of Japanese products and the attractive nature of Japanese culture as embodied in the tea ceremony.

4. Business Overview

  • 1)Product planning, development, sales in Japan and overseas (including via internet, etc.) and sales agency business
  • 2)Planning, design, production and sales of advertising materials, printed materials, etc.
  • 3)Management, marketing and sales consulting in Japan and overseas
  • 4)Hosting of lectures, symposia, seminars, etc.
  • 5)Event planning, production and management
  • 6)Book planning, editing, production and sales
  • 7)All business matters relating to previous items 1) to 6)