How to brew delicious Matcha from Sachets and Sencha Green Tea from Teabags

As everyone has different tastes, the best thing is to try out various ways and find your favorite way of drinking tea, but the following is our humble recommendation, so please do use it as a reference.

1. Matcha Sachets (Powder)

It is best to make Matcha from Sachets with hot water at a temperature of 60–70ºC (140–158ºF) , as this is the optimum temperature for bringing out the umami flavors. It is easiest to froth with a tea whisk when the water is 80ºC, but we recommend a temperature of more or less 70ºC to enjoy a perfect balance between froth and umami.

2. Sencha Green Tea Teabags

It appears that a temperature of around 70–90ºC, or slightly hotter makes green tea taste better. More or less 150ml per serving is the perfect amount of hot water.

The water is important too. The best water to use is, as you know, groundwater (pH7.6), so water with a pH of more or less 7.5 will go well while tap water should be avoided. You may also use mineral water that is widely available in stores. If you have no choice but to use tap water, let it boil for 5–10 minutes to get rid of the chlorine smell.