Certified by Japan, the United States, and International NGO

100% organic & pesticide-free

Our methods of cultivation, which have received 3 organic certifications, focus on the thorough use of compost and water without employing pesticides.

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Unique blend that limits bitter taste

Flavor that enhances umami

A unique blend that limits bitter astringent tastes and enhances sweetness and umami, meaning that even those who shy away from bitter flavors can enjoy its delicious taste.

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An Acknowledged Superfood

Enhances beauty and health

Matcha, which is rich in such nutrients as tea catechins, saponins, and vitamins is a Japanese superfood. Daily matcha consumption contributes long-term to a youthful and healthy life.

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New Products

New Products
  1. MATCHA Lab Matcha & Green Tea Assort
    MATCHA Lab Matcha & Green Tea Assort
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